29 August 2015

get to know; already know

pejam celik sat ja nak dekat 3 tahun dah. rasa mcm baru nak kenai balik. haha. koi lama koi jauh payah nak jumpa. yep, nak jumpa pun sekali dua dalam setahun? actually tkda la long distance sangat. i mean Kedah dgn KL ja pun. tak buat terok sgt kata long distance relationship. haha

you know that feeling, "oh im so lucky to have him by my side!" oh yes, him. tapi time gaduh takda dahhh feeling ni k. HAHA. tapi ylaa org kawen pun gaduh, beza dia gaduh benda nonsense dgn real gaduh. eh keling ayat aku. haha. tapi bila gaduh dgn nizam kadang sakit hati bila cakap salah pastu dia p perbetoi pulak. k. mcm typo or wrong sentence dia p perbetoi. ok tak lawak. gaduh, gaduh ja la abaikan typo. hahaha

hey babe, one of the absolute best things about you is that you dont do things by halves. everything you do, whether you want to do it or not, you do with 100% effort. and i love that, so much. every opportunity you have, you make the most of it. and thats one of the best gifts a person could have. your life going to be so, so rich, baby, because of that, and you deserve absolutely everything that you ever want or wish for. whatever that is, i hope you get it.

*oh kalau awak baca, in case sy ada salah, mohon jgn perbetoi, haha, baca buat taktau ja ok? tkpa semua orang buat salah HAHA*

ok bye.
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Aini Shah said...

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